lovely days and delicious twilights


It’s a nesting sort of day in SnowWhiteLand. We’re in the tail end of autumn here. Gone are the days of honey gold sunsets and the barest hint of chill in the evenings. Now it’s all nearly bare branches, blustery winds, and wearing leg warmers for the purpose for which they were intended. Winter is nigh, and my homebody-ness is in full force. As such, this weekend belonged to the kitchen. My freezer, full of deliciousness prior to the madness of Ren Faire, was sadly depleted. I was down to a single container of lentil chili and a bag of salmon filets. Over two days, all of that changed.

Saturday: ~ roasted chicken breast, shredded and frozen in two cup increments

~ turkey and beer chili, two large slow cookers’ worth

~lentil soup made on the stovetop in my kickass stockpot

Sunday: ~ bean and bacon soup, stovetop version

~chicken, tomato, and white bean stew, again in the stockpot of awesomeness

~Guinness beef stew in crockpot the first

~chicken stock in crockpot the second

still to cook: ~chicken and wild rice soup
~lentil chili
~pulled pork
~chicken and white bean chili

Everything is portioned out, labeled, and dated. All that’s left is to freeze some bread and rolls. Well, that or finally suck it up and learn how to bake yeast breads which, in spite of the virtual handholding of kind and generous baker friends, I’ve yet to master. Still, this is a good start. Feeling sort of mighty.

Now that my freezer is on its way, I really must devote time to everything else. My poor neglected gardens, for instance. My TBR. Correspondence. Crocheting. Song writing. Guitar practice. Ukulele practice. Mandolin practice. Every room in my house. Becoming the best me I can be. Pull-ups. No worries, though. I have the entire winter.





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