Tomorrow, everything changes. Well, gets dusted and tidied.

Something is standing in the way of my creativity, y’all. There’s a logjam to my potentially amazing blogging.

My office.

Now, don’t get me wrong. My corner of our wee, quirky house is fine. It has two windows and a door and a closet without a door and several electrical outlets. It also has a whole lot of stuff, which in and of itself is not a problem. There are bookshelves and wall shelves and a desk and a chair and it’s all very serviceable. The trouble lies in that I’ve lost control. “But chaos is the agar of genius!” you cry. Or maybe not. Either way, I call dibs for putting that on a t-shirt. In any case, I’m all for a bit of muss, a rumpled quality, a dash of disheveledness. Right now, I’m way beyond all of that. I’ve a stack of index cards, covered with scrawled handwriting that is nigh on impossible to decode*. Books are stacked willy-nilly. Dozens of printouts – music, workout ideas, recipes – are shoved onto my desk’s shelves. My bulletin board has rehearsal schedules from as far back as May of this year, and there are stacks of photos and other memorabilia that need to be dealt with. Oh, and there’s all the craft stuff, which I should probably just toss, save for the chance that one day I might become a clever and crafty type person. I might need those beads and glue guns and all of that yarn. Come the zombie apocalypse, I could keep you all in bedazzled macramé.

So. Tomorrow, I’m going to tear my office apart. I’m going to sweep and mop and sort and reorganize and I’m going to put it all back together again. Cleaner. Smarter. Stronger. There will be a lot of Netflix to help me along the way (four seasons of Gilmore Girls to go!), and perhaps some Avatar: the Last Airbender, because who knows more about letting go of the things that are holding you back than Guru Pathik?

Not saying this is going to fix everything (or anything), nor that forthcoming blog entries will actually be amazing, but at least it will promote a more pleasant working space.Don’t worry. I’ll still keep it a bit loose. After all, chaos is the agar of genius™.

*Two things I really, really must remember: 1. Stop buying items with spaghetti straps, for they will never work with my body type, and 2. Never assume that the shorthand I adopt in a moment of haste will make sense to me later.

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