Eight days into this blog challenge and nary an entry dedicated to my kitties, ukulele, stage combat, SnowWhiteLand, or musical piracy (the ‘singing jolly shanties’ kind, not ‘obtaining tunes through nefarious methods’). Looks like I’ve got the next week ready to go.

Now that you know what’s in the future, let me share what’s in the past. I bring you This Day In 1992!

The Ol’ ‘92 was quite a year. I was 23 years old, and when I tell you I was flaily and socially/physically ungainly and the latest of bloomers*, you really must believe me.  That May, I was dumped – heart shatteringly, guttingly – by my first serious boyfriend. Nearly every journal entry thereafter references that, or him, or my eternal heartache, or my absolute certainty that I was totally fine with ‘our mutual decision’, or the notion that I was just not smart enough/pretty enough/talented enough for anyone, ever. Every so often, though, I managed to simply be thankful for what was at hand. I also wrote about a ridiculous amount about what I ate, so yeah – proto-foodie. Only wish I’d had the wherewithal to include sketches.

So what happened 22 years ago today?


As I read this entry, sparse though it be, I’m astonished by what it recalls: memories that are tactile, visual, emotional. Setting out on our mountain bikes along a shallow, clear stream. The warmth of sun and the cool of shadow as we rode beneath the mostly denuded trees. The delicious frisson as we realized we were in uncharted territory, and a little bit lost, and losing sunlight. The surge of victory as we returned to our cars under emerging starlight. The warmth and companionship of sharing a meal in a cozy pub.

I’m still awkward. I’m still waiting for that late bloom to flourish. But in spite of that, I’ve had the great good fortune to make amazing friends, lasting connections, and enduring memories. I only wish I’d taken the time to record more of them. There are too many blank pages, too many moments lost to, “eh. It’s nothing out of the ordinary.” Turns out the ordinary is kind of amazing. I think I’d like a bit more of that, please and thank you.

*I hold out hope that I can still grow out of the ungainly phase. Am considering a Kickstarter campaign.

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