I’m cookie dough. I’m not done baking.

Some days I’m focused and strong. I make wise nutritional choices. My portions are sensible. I get plenty of activity, be it cardio or strength or a class of some sort.

Some days, I fail on all levels. I sit too long, binge watching something on Netflix. I eat too much, and all the salt and starch and sugar.

Some days, most days, it’s a cross between the two. Today, I watched two episodes of The Gilmore Girls. Worked up a good sweat in my morning kickboxing class, including so very much lunge work. Came home and ate leftover (low carb) ziti. Half an hour later, scarfed a bowl of rice with soy sauce. Did back-to-back HIIT circuits with Sabrina. Ate a cupcake. Then a salad. Taught my evening kickboxing class, including so very much squat work and a push-up sequence that had my arms and shoulders and abs trembling. Ate pizza for dinner. Also a salad.

I’m three steps forward, two steps back. Striving to be better, smarter, more focused, more mindful. Trying to be less disappointed in myself, to celebrate the victories. Trying not to judge myself by others. Realizing I can always find some small joy.

Tomorrow is another day.


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