I daresay, what?

I’m at the halfway point of my self-imposed 30 Days of Blogging, and I’m flummoxed. I’d anticipated a surfeit of ideas – just look at all those notecards I keep!* – only to find myself resorting to memes and cats. To be fair, my cats are amazing and adorable. I just don’t want to exploit them for this personal challenge.

So, I’m going to put this on you. Ask me anything. Pop culture preferences. Childhood stories. Family stuff. Pets. Hobbies. Favorite recipes. Awkward moments. Whatever. The next several days are in your hands. Choose wisely!

The BK crown and paper towel players. I have HISTORY, y'all!

The BK Crown and Paper Towel players. I have HISTORY, y’all!

*see previous entry. Gripping stuff.

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