It’s happened. It’s finally happened. My grey – nay, white! – roots have grown too stubborn for regular dye. It is true that I was overdue for a touch-up. It’s also true that my mom was entirely grey – nay, white! – by the time she was 30. This was inevitable.

My stylist was the one to notice. I was just so happy to get it all back under control, and all one reasonably similar colour, that I would’ve let it slide. It was only after she’d dyed, washed, cut, and begun to dry that she noticed the roots were a markedly different shade. I would’ve left it; the fact that I colour at all is the barest sop to my vanity. Whether it stemmed from professional pride or concern for my appearance, my roots underwent Round Two.

At some point, I’ll stop dying my hair. I’ll let the grey – nay, white! – grow in. Not yet. I’m not ready. Part of the reason is that my hair has grown thin thanks to scalp psoriasis. That afflicted scalp is much more visible through lighter hair. Once I get that under control, I’ll be happy to be the quirky lady with the long silver-white hair. Meanwhile, I’ll consider easing my way into that. Mayhap I can convince my stylist to leave one strand uncoloured, so I can rock the Rogue/skunk stripe. It’s either that or dye sections green and go full-dryad.

Full-dryad sounds pretty great, come to think of it. Stay tuned!


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