a hush in the tumult

The day was full of racing about on last minute holiday errands, of snow and slush, of housework and chores. There was shoveling, clearing, doing your daily workout* without your buddy/motivator/inspiration. There was panic upon realizing that Christmas is less than a month away and you aren’t remotely prepared to even THINK about that. There was food prep, so very much, and even with all of the chopping and mixing and stirring and cleaning up afterwards, there was the realization that there was still more to be done tomorrow.

Then, a breath. A stillness. Snow swirled down in the back patio floodlights. The mise en place for our veggie stir fry was neat and tidy. My library book was propped open next to a glass of white wine. The whir of the drill from downstairs spoke of my sweetie’s jewelry project, and the glow from the wood stove fell upon a sleeping DeafKitty. In that breath, in this moment, all was well. My wee, quirky house was a tiny flame against the darkness. I felt safe and protected and so very blessed. Fortunate.

Then Handsome Tom chased DeafKitty away from the fire, and the usual chaos reasserted itself. Not, however, without leaving a measure of the stillness behind. Bless. I’ll take the good where I find it.

*including one-armed reverse pull-ups. Deeply unpleasant, that.

(note: this was meant to be posted this Wednesday past as Day 26 of my blog challenge, but lack of internet prevented me from doing so)


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