And we’re brought into the light, and we’re back at the start*

With this entry, I’ve hit my goal: 30 days of blogging. My posts haven’t been particularly deep and introspective, nor pithy, nor witty. But I have spent 30 days taking time to seize an idea, to share it, to flesh it out. This was meant to be my gateway into writing on a daily basis once more, and as such it succeeded.

As noted in the inaugural entry, once upon a time I wrote constantly. I reckoned I was decent, but my mom saw something more. I had no greater champion, though my sister was a close second. Even after I fell into my literary funk, this dark and fallow period, Mom never doubted I’d find the joy once more. I’d relate an anecdote; she’d encourage me to submit it to a magazine. I’d share an odd dream. “That would be an amazing short story!” Mom thought the world needed to hear the story about Handsome Tom, and his adventures before finding his home with us. We chatted about collaborating on a memoir, a novella, a short play: something, someday. She’d ask if I’d revisited old manuscripts, and when I confessed I’d not, she’d assure me, “You’ll do it when you’re ready.”

Most of you reading this know that Mom passed away in early March. It was unexpected, and it was gutting. Our someday was gone. What remained, though, was everything that came before: her encouragement. Belief in me. Delight in the way I built worlds and characters and moments with nothing more than the words I set to page.

So. I’m writing again, dipping my toe back into creative endeavors: jotting down scenes, song lyrics, looking over novel manuscripts. I’m going to continue here, to shape this blog, to find and refine my own voice. I’m ready.

Thank you for hanging out this month. Hope you stick around!

My mom was a knockout, y'all.

My mom was a knockout, y’all.

*nerdy nerd nerdness

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