White the fading forests grow

I adore the winter holidays. The lights, the smell of evergreens, cookies, storefront  and window displays, snow, sappiness, general goodwill, presents*, ribbons and wrap, family gatherings, and the quiet moments amid the delightful chaos. It’s a blaze of light and a burst of joy before the bleak days of late winter. It’s wanting to re-read chilly, snowy comfort books (The Dark is Rising, which begins at Midwinter. East, which is icebound and enchanted. Beauty, because).

Today found me delving into the retail wilds to finish up those last few errands. I’d resolved that anything that wasn’t done by day’s end was just not getting done. All good. Furthermore, I would not allow myself to get cranky. It was my own doing that found me at a mall on the 22nd of December. How could I possibly blame that on my fellow shoppers, no matter how rude they were in line or clueless/dangerous in the parking lot? What blame could I place on the retail employees for wait time on checkout lines, especially when people were just trying to finish up their own shopping? Sure, there was haggling over discounts and coupons, but y’know? We’re all trying to save a bit where we can. My dogged cheeriness was taxed a bit on the roads. Lots of backup at the lights, so much failure to signal. Still, I made it home with no accidents. That’s a win.

This is not to say I was a constant ray of light, y’all. I actually gave up on a few errands (bank, cleaners, grocery store) because I was simply done. I spent three hours sorting and making lists and wrapping and I’m still not finished. But I did watch fun movies. I got a fire going in the wood stove. I put together the gifts for my co-workers, and a little something more for my boss/workout buddy/best of friends. I took pictures of my adorable kitties utterly sabotaging my attempts to sort and make lists and wrap. Even in the frustration, there’s some small bit of happiness.

So. Tomorrow I teach a double in the morning, one more in the evening. Final grocery shop to cover the next several days. Then, oh, then! it’s all about Christmas and family and embracing the joy. Here’s hoping you all do the same. Bless. Joy. Namaste.


Side note: Please know that you can wish me a Happy Hanukkah, a Merry Christmas, a Joyous Solstice, a Blessed Yule, a delightful Thursday. Share your joy with me, and I will return in kind. Just be excellent to each other and all may yet be very well.

*I am firmly in the ‘better to give’ camp. I adore finding the right fit, the perfect item, the one thing that will make someone happy. Or weepy. Same thing. Still working on my handcrafted approach, but am determined to reach Knope-ian perfection… someday.


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