2014: the highs and the lows

In this roller coaster of a year, I :

Wrote daily for a solid month, thanks to my self-imposed Blog Every Day in November.

Gained a new nephew, complete with the most squishable cheeks.

Lost two friends to fucking cancer.

Made friends with multiple TreeKitties.


Recorded a whopping seventh CD with The Crimson Pirates (soon to be available on iTunes; the first six already are!). My first outing as an instrumentalist, though to be fair my ukulele chops are pretty basic.


Had to step up and get stuff done.

Fought injustice, danced the maypole, and sang bawdy songs in the Greenwood.

Rocked rapier/fan with a fantastic fight partner.

Rocked, with two other amazing fight partners, double sword against one armed with sword, one armed with shield. One of my favorite fights of ever.

I didn't make note of the photographers who took these shots. Please claim credit, share links to your sites, and accept my apology.

I didn’t make note of the photographers who took these shots. Please claim credit, share links to your sites, and accept my apology.

Kicked respectable butt in a silly archery competition. Was even happier that I didn’t match a record. #willscarlettriumphant

Rose to a challenge I’m still not sure I entirely met.

Was recognized by Queen Elizabeth, first of that name, with ceremony and a medal.

Wore false eyelashes and a lot of makeup. Also had my hair done up all fancy. Sported a floaty, fancy dress. Heels were involved.

Spent time with relatives I see far too infrequently, which is deeply unfair since they are an absolute joy.


Saw my sister married to a sweet and wonderful man. In related news: gained a new brother.

Chronicled 100 Happy Days on Instagram. What a delight!


Had the biggest emotional breakdown in my seventeen years of marriage, to an ultimately healing effect. Relationships are hard, rewarding work.

Accepted, after some ouchiness, that I’m not a particularly talented vocalist. Or musician. But I’ve got energy/moxie, so there’s that.

Performed at Brewkulele ’14 all the same, and will likely do so again. Yay?

Lost my first and best joust partner.


Said goodbye to my first theatre.


Did not spend nearly enough time on the mat. Missed yoga desperately, but still tried to cultivate a gentler approach to everyday life: let go of what I can’t control, choose kindness, take a whole lot of deep breaths, be mindful, be thankful. I’ve a long, long way to go.

Focused on circuit training, albeit late in the year. Thanks to Sabrina, a rocking HIIT challenge, and the best workout coach of ever.


Realized my support system is amazing, and that begins with my sweetie. Thought seriously about some sort of counseling, and though I haven’t actively begun the search for a therapist, am giving this considerable thought and weight.

Lost my mom, unexpectedly. Heartbreakingly. Devastatingly. It left us all grieving: my sister, my husband, my brother and his wife, and quite honestly anyone who knew her. I’m still not ready to speak about this at any sort of length, but I will say this: she was a light and a joy. She was so proud of her sweet natured grandsons, and was so proud her legacy was carried on in my sister’s nursing career.

My mom was a knockout, y'all.

My mom was a knockout, y’all.

Buoyant ups, shattering downs. 2014 taught me all sorts of lessons, challenged me, angered me, revealed to me just how fortunate I am, how far I have to go.

I do so wish that 2015 be less greedy and grasping. Instead, may the year ahead offer inspiration, joy, and delicious, delightful challenges. Bring it, 2015. I’m ready to dive in!


No, seriously. I’ve got this.


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