B is for Bookshelves: Blogging From A-to-Z Challenge

I’ve got a lot of books, y’all. A lot. My sweetie refers to them as my dowry. Over the past years, I’ve gone through several culls. I pulled those I’d never read again, for various reasons, as well as duplicates. Back when postage was less pricey and free time was more ample, I listed the available titles via my LiveJournal* and sent them to any and all takers. These days, I’m more likely to donate to the local library (though they have limited space and accept only a handful at a time). There are plastic bins of books in the attic, and dozens of long white comic book boxes in our outbuilding/gym/casita.

So. Many. Books.

And still, I keep acquiring them. My Kindle library is ever-growing, and I frequent the local library because libraries are important, and it is vital we support them even though we have an entire, triple stacked TBR bookshelf. Heh. That last bit might just be me.

Anyway, I thought I’d take you on a tour of my bookshelves, which for the purposes of this post will also include random stacks on sundry flat spaces. Let’s start in my office. Get comfy, ‘cause we’re going to be here a while. Let us start with the aforementioned TBR. Top shelf is devoted to anthologies and poetry. Bottom shelf is oversized books and non-fiction. There are a lot of ARCs, some stripped mass market titles, and a whole lot of used copies. Many of them date back to my bookseller days… and I still haven’t read them, because there are so very many and unencumbered time is too rare. * sigh*

Why yes, those ARE my multiple NYRF archery contest medals. No big thing.

Why yes, those ARE my multiple NYRF archery contest medals. No big thing.

Moving on. The leftmost shelves house fitness books, music books, sheet music, ukulele stuff, research resources, pop culture trinkets (Toothless! Batgirl! Baymax!), and an embarrassing number of blank books. Shelves on the right are primarily given to favorites, the ones I re-read and loan out on a regular basis. There’s some TBR spillover, but on the whole this encompasses a good chunk of my tea-and-cookies-and-curl-up-in-a-quilt titles (Anne of Green Gables, Beauty, The King of Attolia, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, etc.).


About a third of the blank books/notebooks, waiting to be filled with GENIUS!

About a third of the blank books/notebooks, waiting to be filled with GENIUS!

Uglydolls like to feel fancy, too.

Uglydolls like to feel fancy, too.

I keep a few books on top of my desk at any given time. Note my diary from 1992. It’s a gripping read.

Bonus! Handsome Tom's fuzzy butt.

Bonus! Handsome Tom’s fuzzy butt.

Craft books, on the off chance I can manage to learn how to do more than crochet in a (mostly) straight line. They are well protected, as you can see.

"I am not a gun." *sniffle*

“I am not a gun.” *sniffle*

More books awaiting to be giveaway or donation. They’ll just be hanging out here until I can figure it out. They’re super dusty. Please don’t judge.

When we remodeled the kitchen, my foremost request for the cabinetry was that I had shelves for cookbooks. There’s still spillover to the shelves in the living room.

Speaking of shelves in the living room…

Those shelves are totally not dusty. Not at all. Nope.

Those shelves are totally not dusty. Not at all. Nope.

This is where most of my Pratchett lives, save for the Tiffany Aching books.


Hi, Sandman series. I will always love you.

My nightstand. Oh, look! It’s my Kindle! Imagine this pile of books about a hundred volumes higher.

Eskarina sighting! C',mon. You totally named your Kindle, too.

Eskarina sighting! C’,mon. You totally named your Kindle, too.

I still dream of a home where I can have a dedicated library, but until that day, my shelves will do. They house memories, promise, and treasures. Speaking of:


Signed first edition, and still I lend it out. Books are meant to be read, even – especially – the treasured ones.

Jorge Luis Borges wrote, “I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” My collection of bookshelves, my literary miscellany offers me a tiny Paradise within the bounds of this wee, quirky cottage. I am a fortunate girl.

*remember when that was the thing? Oh, internet. When did you get so old?

4 thoughts on “B is for Bookshelves: Blogging From A-to-Z Challenge

  1. Amanda

    You have really excellent taste in comfort books, my love. Also, as somebody whose main decorating scheme is “all the books everywhere” I approve of all of this post.

  2. apdempster

    I so envy your books and the fact that you have shelves to put them on. My collection, which I have similar challenges in culling, is mostly in boxes in the attic. Books are to me what shoes are to many women I know. (Pardon the stereotype.)

  3. Heather M. Gardner

    I have the same problem.
    They’re everywhere.
    And dusty!
    I know that Goshen library does a big book sale for Great American Weekend. Also, Warwick and Monroe have the used books stores now. I just hate to part with them!

    Heather M. Gardner
    Co-host: Blogging from A to Z April Challenge
    Blog: The Waiting is the Hardest Part [http://hmgardner.blogspot.com/]


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