G is for Greenwood: Blogging from A to Z


There is a magical land nestled in the rolling hills of the Hudson Valley. It’s a land set apart from time, from history, from narrative convention. It’s a land where Queen Elizabeth progresses through the summer countryside, where Robin Hood and his Merry Band fight against the injustices of the diabolical Sheriff and his brutish Guards. It’s a land where you can buy turkey legs, swords, bodices, incense, henna adornments, mead, camel rides, and pewter goblets. Its village is peopled with eccentric, amazing, ridiculous, charming characters. You’ll find acrobats, mystics, knife throwers, and musicians. Surrounding this enchanted land is an enveloping cloak of forest, a protective barrier of root and branch and vine that has kept this place safe from the ravages of the ages, the dearth of imagination. This is the Greenwood. This is my other home. This is the New York Renaissance Faire.

I first visited when I was in my early twenties, fresh out of college and certain that love and chivalry and fantasy were absolutely attainable.

firstvisitI recently found my diary entry for that day. That’s a story for another blog post.

My true journey through the Greenwood, however, began in ’96. I auditioned and was cast as part of the improv company. My role: Willamina Swampwallow, ragpicker.

That's me on the right, pictured with my sister and my Dad. It would be the only time he saw me perform in this show.

That’s me on the right, pictured with my sister and my Dad. It would be the only time he saw me perform in this show.

Next season I was a Farmer. After that, Caitlin Copperpot, Tinker.

Saucy lasses with a tambourines.

Saucy lasses with tambourines.

After that, a heroine: Maid Marian.


Later still, a singing pirate.

An outlaw on the side of justice.

A fighter.

photo credit: Sarah Walsh

photo credit: Sarah Walsh

Part of something greater.

Part of a story. Of legend.

Through every character, through every moment, the land itself shaped my story.
It’s shaped every story that has come before, and those yet to be told.
There is magic in this land.
The Greenwood abides.


3 thoughts on “G is for Greenwood: Blogging from A to Z

  1. apdempster

    Oh, Billy and his questionable fashion choices in the early 90s! Can’t wait for your blog post/diary recap from that day. I still remember when you were first cast at Willamina Swampwallow. What happiness embarking upon that adventure has brought you! ❤

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  3. Heather M. Gardner

    Ah. RennFaire.
    I love your descriptions.
    I worked there for about 6 years.First for Pendragon and then for the illustrious Lars. If I didn’t have to dress up, it would have been a great job. 🙂


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