J is for Jilly: Blogging from A to Z


As promised in yesterday’s post, today belongs to Isabeau’s littermate/the other engagement kitty, Jilly (she’s on the right).

Named after a character from one of our favorite authors*, our Jilly has always been a bit shy around strangers. Heck, she even sniffs me thoroughly whenever I want to pet her. Once convinced of your non-threateningness, though, she’s the purriest of girls.

She’s never been the biggest fan of new additions to the household, but she tolerated them well enough… until Handsome Tom. As aforementioned, he can be a bit of a bully. He can lurk. He has  always been able to get a rise out of poor Jillly-cat.

So much so, in fact, that she took to hiding. Even going deaf (sister traits!) didn’t ease her anxiety. We set her up in the linen closet with a kitty bed, food, water, and a separate litter box. Recently, she relocated her sanctuary to my sweetie’s bedroom shelves. Because he is awesome and an amazing kitty dad, my sweetie embraced this. Jilly’s nearing nineteen. We take care of the old lady cat. No question.

She ventures out from time to time, catching some rays in the front window, or snuggling up beneath the blankets on our bed.

Creep factor: she often sleeps with her eyes open, like Gandalf with the Palantir.

Quirk factor: she likes to drink from her bowl while one paw is fully immersed.


Fashion factor: she loves being brushed. If I’m too slow, she’ll do it herself.


Like her sister, she has a sweet face.

I love the ginger smudge on her nose.

She’s a bit frail, a bit creaky, needs a bit of extra care. Our smudge-nosed kitty is worth every moment.


* side note: a dear friend has compared me to this selfsame character, which makes me go all flappy-handed and incoherent because DeLint’s Jilly is all manner of wonderful


2 thoughts on “J is for Jilly: Blogging from A to Z

  1. Heather M. Gardner

    I love the twins!
    I can tell you take good care of your kitty children.
    Heather M. Gardner
    Co-host: Blogging from A to Z April Challenge
    Blog: The Waiting is the Hardest Part [http://hmgardner.blogspot.com/]

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