L is for Landscape: Blogging from A to Z


I’ve always been a daydreamer. From a tender age, I wove stories for myself, narratives in which I was most often the main player. When I wasn’t the hero, my role was that of the pawn or the sidekick or the observer who would remember it all when the rest of the world discounted such tales as mere legend. That last was a daunting responsibility. I took – take – it seriously.

My first memory of these daydreams, these living stories, is of looking at the world through a car window. I’d see the hills, the trees, the creeks and cow pastures, and watch the scenes unfold. Landscape was my first and best writing prompt. Still is. I fall into it with considerable frequency, this other story, an underlying track to my everyday life.

In my childhood backyard, the stream was constantly whispering for me to step into its waters. “No one ever discovered anything by staying still. Follow me.”

Coyote and crow waited in the desert garden. This friendship was fated.


I wept over a faerie tree, torn asunder.

Stepped daintily through precious gardens, feeling every bit the pretender in my fine slippers and fancy gown.


Came to fight the beast. Made a friend instead.

Watched the sunset, waiting for someone who would never come. I wrapped my arms around my legs against a chill that had nothing to do with the wind rushing over the dying grasses.

House Gryffindor. I was so certain I’d be Ravenclaw. Maybe there’s bravery in me after all.

The breath between winter and spring when the branches catch the sky and hold the clouds still: that’s when the old doors open.

The path will be what you choose, or maybe just what you don’t realize you need. Dare to take a step. Then another. Then another still.
You may yet find you are, after all, a saucy dryad.



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