Y is for Yellow: Blogging from A to Z


Spring is well and truly here, and nature seems to be giddy with delight. There’s a green mist on the willow fronds as buds start to swell. Violets are nodding on the forest floor. Whistle pigs are nibbling at grass shoots and skunks are waddling across the back patio, near to bursting with wee kits. Our weeping cherry is adorned in rich pink blooms, and everywhere I turn there’s a spill of vivid yellow.

A humble buttercup:yellowbuttercup

Willow catkins:


Wood violet:


Trout lily:

Pansies, which I really need to plant before they get stressed out. Tomorrow, you guys. I promise!

What I still call my ‘surprise daffodils’. The first spring after we bought the house, we delighted in watching what cropped up.

There are fountains of forsythia, pert studs of dandelions, the pale straw of last years grasses, the honey gold of the late afternoon light. Rich, lovely, warm: just what we need right now to assure us that winter is truly past. The wheel is turning. Brighter days are ahead.

Yellow: it’s Nature’s hug.


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