a tale of badass-ishness

~I love and teach cardio kickboxing.
~I am taking part in my gym’s 10 Week Fitness and Nutrition program.
~Life gets in the way. Recent gig with my band. Ren Faire stuff gearing up, big time. On call for Grand Jury Duty for the next month, over an hour away. Phototherapy for psoriasis thrice weekly. Cats and life and yard work and teaching ukulele. Freaking out and stressed and feeling all manner out of control.
~Squiggle point 3 threatens to wreak havoc with squiggle points 1 and 2.

Well. That turned into a bit of a whinge-session. Getting it onto the page is cathartic, though, so I hope you forgive my indulgence. I’m heading into week 8 of the aforementioned challenge (squiggle point 2), and I’m having a bit of a tough time gauging my results. I’m reasonably close to where I need to be, so I won’t see tremendous losses in inches or pounds. Logically, I know that. Emotionally, it’s distressing. I’m working so hard, nothing is changing, woe is me*. Doesn’t help that in spite of my best planning, there have been days where I simply can not adhere to the nutritional guidelines.

Sure, I can tell myself that stuff happens. I’m only human. So long as most of my choices are strong, all will be well. I’ve met me, though. That rarely works. My solution? Well, it’s two-fold: self recrimination and purchasing a weighted vest. As I’m currently logging a feeble once-a-week weight training session, I figured adding some intensity to my other workouts (HIIT circuits, kickboxing classes) might make up for the lack. While I can’t say it replaces another day of strength, boy howdy, it certainly makes things interesting. First time I tried it, I kept the weight at a middling six pounds** for a 12 minute circuit. Verdict? meep. Legs, shoulders, abs were shaking for hours after. Who knew such a tiny amount of weight could make such a difference?

12 minutes. 6 lbs. Good times.

12 minutes. 6 lbs. Good times.

I added it, sporadically, to my other workouts: wore it at a Small Group Session here, wore it for a full kickboxing class there. Last weekend, I loaned it to my friend (and the owner of my gym) that she might try it for her own circuit training. She did 20 minutes at the full 8 lbs.

The ante had been upped. The gauntlet had been thrown. Never mind that she is younger, fitter, and generally much more badass than I; the call would be answered, no matter the consequence.

Yesterday I was not yet ready. I did my usual back-to-back, teaching one then taking one, but sans vest. Today, I could avoid it no longer. What better day than Tuesday, my Beast Day, to get the job done? So. Taught/took the SGS circuit wearing the full 8 pounds. Taught another hour of kickboxing. Had a few hours to recover before coming back to take the 5pm class (in fully weighted vest), replete with unseasonably warm and humid weather, 30 burpees with knee tuck jumps, silly amounts of cardio, and push ups with kick through-toe touches. Taught another class after that.

Look, I might be stalled with the weight/inches/fat percentage loss. I’m not a young ‘un. These things take longer than they used to. 10 weeks might not be enough to meet the final goal. Damn if I can’t step up and assert just a bit of badassery, though. Four workouts in one day, two of which had added resistance. I’m crazy sore. My abs are trembling, and my shoulders aren’t speaking to me (well, they are, but with rather salty language). Just for tonight, though, I’m going to set that self-deprication aside. Just for tonight, I’m going to say: I sort of crushed it.

Note the expressionlessness following the two weighted workouts. #weepinginside #rawr

Note the expressionlessness following the two weighted workouts. #weepinginside #rawr

*call the wah-mbulance
**the vest is adjustable from 4-8 pounds.


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