Lofty goals, dorky cat

One of my goals for this year is to learn how to take a decent photograph. Intentionally. Sometimes, I stumble upon one, but it is entirely by chance and accident and good fortune. I say this here to remind myself that I need to actually commit, to learn, to study, to seek advice and the knowledge of those more skilled and creative than myself. It’s not enough to say that I’ll do it; the doing needs to happen. </personal accountability/get off your butt and do something about it>

That being said, I ofttimes snap pics that, while not technically or artistically worthy, make me smile. Last night, I noticed Handsome Tom sat gazing out into the rainy darkness. Sure, the side light was a bit harsh, but I figured it was worth grabbing a few quick* shots.

Such a stately fellow.

Brooding, passionate, positively Byronic. HTarsty2
Oh, buddy. You were doing so well.

Someday I’ll learn how to properly photograph this boyo, but in the meanwhile, I’m okay with the snapshots I manage. I’ve got enough awkward HT to warrant its own tumblr. In lieu of actual skill, that’ll keep me going.

*quick = the few precious seconds between getting the photo and HT noticing I am there, what with my hands made for skritching and offering treats.


3 thoughts on “Lofty goals, dorky cat

  1. shirleyjdietz

    the cat photos are NOT dorky at all. They are very “arresting” and beautiful (searching for the right word but that one will have to do…) Cats are hard – I know what you mean about them not liking to pose.

    1. saucydryad Post author

      Thank you! HT is the worst; I’ll find a moment and he’ll turn away, or yawn, or lick his nose. I am in awe of actual animal photographers; I suspect they channel both skill and sorcery. 🙂


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