my wild ways

My sweetie is at an awards dinner in the posh reaches of New Jersey, leaving me with a rare night all to myself. Time to let go. Time to get wild. Oh, yeah…

~Went to gym to teach fellow instructors the basics of vocal projection. Ran some exercises; we all feel silly doing them, but they work.
~Practiced new song for a solid half hour. Decided on key. Struggled with alternate (and actually proper) fingering on G chord.
~Futzed about on social media.
~Made dinner (salad, multigrain tortilla pizza).
~Watched girly TV on Netflix.
~Cleaned litter boxes
~Gathered recycling
~Worked on new song again. Got cranky at sore fingers, even though its my fault for having neglected regular practice.
~Washed a load of workout clothing.
~Researched homemade scalp psoriasis treatments. Started to spiral on how much psoriasis sucks, because really, it does.
~Rode that wave to household uses for baking soda and vinegar.
~Washed a load of towels with the addition of white vinegar. Will report back on the results.
~Wrote a few emails. Made notes re: upcoming rehearsals.
~Brushed the kitties.
~Read for a bit.
~Picked up the ukulele once more. I really like this song, y’all.
~Folded/put away clean workout clothing.
~Applied what purports to be a ‘purifying’ mud masque. Not looking any younger/more majestic/pristine.

Given free time, this is what I do. Don’t envy my glamorous life. I’m a simple creature, same as anyone else. My towels may smell a bit fresher, my ukulele calluses be a bit more sensitive, but hey – we’re all living the adventure in our own way.


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