Oh, hello! I didn’t see you there.

Hey, y’all! To quote one of the best, albeit fictional, people I know:

atent dead weatherwax 1 opt 2-350x350

I long for this necklace.

A brisk and busy spring (two Crimson Pirates gigs, with considerable though happy rehearsal) led into a ridiculously busy summer (all things New York Renaissance Faire). Not sure if I ever spent any blog time on this, but I was hurled, as if by creative-decision-trebuchet, into a directorial position last summer. The wheels of plot and fights and scenario and casting were already in motion. Don’t know that I was the most capable choice, and I certainly had big shoes to fill, but I did my best to get the job done.

Coming in this year, I had a wee bit more time to consider and plan and organize, except that I’d never done that stuff before. Flail levels continued high. Supported by a ridiculously wonderful team as well as a stellar cast, I got stuff done. Mostly. We’re still moving forward.

The main reason I’m not talking about it is that management is, rightly, protective of the process. When you come through those gates opening day, you want to immerse yourself in an Elizabethan village, in a landscape inhabited by delightful fae, a young and vibrant Elizabeth I, by Robin Hood and his Merry Band, by the Sheriff and his formidable guards. If you see the process, the behind the scenes, the day to day, the magic is diminished.

These past two months, my mind has been nothing but process. Much as I want so share the anecdotes, the frustrations, the silly photos and videos, I have to honour the show.

Two weeks ’till we open. I’ll check back in then. I will continue respectful of the show, the final product, the magic and wonder, but I might be able to share the tiniest bit of my experience as director/singer/actor/writer/weapons maintenance crew/stage combatant.

Mo’ hats, mo’ problems.


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