M is for Momo: #AtoZchallenge

***SPOILERS for Avatar: The Last Airbender***

Previous-subject-of-this -challenge Aang‘s journey to his native Southern Air Temple was rough. He came to terms with the fact he truly had been away for 100 years, that everyone he knew was gone, that the Air Nomads were no more.

In the echoing stillness, though, was an ebullient shining light: the last winged lemur.

Energetic and inquisitive, Momo quickly became an integral member of the Gaang. The animators of the series enjoyed giving him business (affectionately referred to as ‘Momoments’). Watch him in any given scene: he’s always engaged, always into something. Certainly he has some sweet dance moves.

He pulls off some serious gravitas.

His friendship with sky-bison Appa is endearing.

The aftermath of Appa’s abduction by Sandbenders is hard on Momo. He never stops looking for his very large friend.


All Of The Tears: brought to you by ‘Tales of Ba Sing Se’

Even so, he’s willing to step up for whatever is needed. Lemur-hat? Check.


He’s at the Avatar’s side until the very end.


But then Aang sends him off so that Momo can be safe… tears welling even now.

Momo: adorable. Loyal. Clever. The best.


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