R is for Rey: #AtoZchallenge

Let’s take a moment to consider Rey.

Abandoned as a child on the harsh planet of Jakku, she could have fallen to anger and despair. She embraced resilience, learning to scavenge, to build, to teach herself.


She embraced hope that one day her family would return despite the crushing press of passing years. She learned to stand up for herself, but never lost her sense of kindness and decency.

She’s not immune to frustration…



…but her compassion runs deep.

She’s determined.


This gif is my new visual mantra.

Resourceful, and adorably giddy at her own victories.

She makes an impression on living legends, however grumpy they might be.

She’s not had much experience with friendship, but knows a kindred spirit at once.


Note: this is behind the scenes, a moment between the actors. Sharing because their friendship is super adorable; they call each other ‘peanut.’ CUTEST!

She’s impatient.

She is, at last, the one someone returned for.


All of her scavenging and tinkering and getting her hands dirty didn’t prepare her for the realization that she is so very much more, and so very powerful. When she is hit with the visions from Luke’s lightsaber, she flat out bolts. She wants nothing to do with something so vast and unknown.

It’s seeing her friends in trouble that leads her to return, and even though it results in her own capture, that power has been awakened. Rey is able to manipulate it, maybe through childhood memories of training or maybe through her Jakku-born tenacity.


Perfect moment. I never fail to well up.

There is no going back, nor any reason to. As scary as forward can be, Rey takes those steps (so, so many steps).


A moment of appreciation for Daisy Ridley’s face. Good gracious, she says seventeen things in a single frame without uttering a word.



A moment of appreciation for these arm coverings. I need them in my life, and on my arms.

I’m so very thankful for Rey, for her part in the the unfolding story of the final trilogy.  I’m delighted to search ‘Rey Cosplay’ and see all the children who implored their parents to make them a costume. I’m enjoying the speculation about her parentage, even though I personally hope she has no connections to any of the Big Names – let her be a ‘nobody’ like the rest of us. Most of all, I’m happy to share in the journey of a well written, beautifully acted character that has resonated with me from her first onscreen moment. Well done, Star Wars franchise, and well done scavenger.

Bonus: Regency Rey. Check out the artist’s other SW:TFA portraits; they are all excellent.



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