W is for Wendy Watson: #AtoZchallenge

Wendy Watson*: aspiring painter. Daughter of a Cuban mother and a father who disappeared under mysterious and unexplained circumstances. Best friend/roomie to  young, photogenic  Lacey Thornfield, controversial spoken word artist. Newly minted employee at the Jolly Fats Wehawkin Temp Agency, but in reality the latest assistant to the Middleman, a hero who defends the world against “threats infra-, extra-, and juxtaterrestrial”.

Her unflappable nature and ability to adapt to the unusual and unexpected make her an ideal sidekick.

Though her new job demands a great deal of her energy and her time, she still makes time for her friends.


Hi, Noser! #stumptheband


Seriously, this friendship will make your heart happy.

For Art Crawl.


She finds a true friend, mentor, and father figure in the titular (straight-laced squeaky-clean and still kickass) Middleman.

If you’ve not seen the show, do seek it out. There are only 12 episodes, and they’re a great deal of fun. Wendy is but one of an excellent ensemble. There’s tight and smart dialogue, rapid fire pop culture references, and a whole lot of charm.



It’s ridiculously quotable, and offers vampire puppets, flying fish, an alien boy band, and an alternate dimension storyline (spoiler: there are goatees aplenty).

And, not for nothing, Natalie Morales rocks the Emma Peel look.

*the 2008 TV version; I’ve yet to read the original graphic novels upon which the show was based.

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