April is nigh, so that can mean but one thing…

It’s time for the Blogging From A to Z Challenge! A friend invited me to try last year, and I embraced the challenge. Results were mixed, but it did force me to write on a near-daily basis, something that used to come to me as effortlessly as breathing. Life got in the way, alas, and I failed to maintain the discipline as the year wore on. This, however, is a new April. A new challenge. A new opportunity.

Last year was chaos, each post decided on the day. This year will almost certainly still be chaos, but I’m going in with a plan. Nay, a theme.

atoz-theme-reveal-2016 v2

Super official. Feeling chuffed.

This April, I will blog my A to Z of Favorite Fictional Characters.

Initially, I’d intended to keep it pure: books only. That would’ve abandoned far too many beloved friends from animation, comics, television, and film. I do not pretend I’ll be able to keep it to just one per letter; there will no doubt be days where there is an honorable mention or three. Flailing-of-hands and squeeing are likely. Still, I’ll attempt to keep my observations relatively articulate and thoughtful. I do hope you’ll stop by and share you own favorites.

Maybe you’ll even want to dive in and spend April blogging your own theme. Let me know. I’m happy to cheer you along!




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